Silicon Sports Cup #2

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When :: Wenesday, January 30 from 7pm AEDT
Who :: Open to all SEA players, Bronze to Grand Masters!
Where to Watch :: & 

Prize Pool

1st: $50 & 50 SPR points

2nd: $30 & 30 SPR

3rd: $20 & 15 SPR

4th: 5 SPR


  • SEA Server Only
  • Chat Channel :: SLCN Cup


  • You must be local player on the SEA server - no foreigners on SEA accounts
  • Open to Bronze through to Grand Master
  • You must have placed in the current season on SEA


  • Double Elimination Tournament
  • Each round is a Best of 1
  • Quarters, Semis & Winners finals are Best of 3
  • Grand Final is two sets of Best of 3 (if required)
  • Lower bracket matches are all Best of 1

Map Pool

The first map of each round is pre-determined and outlined in the following list and labelled in the brackets. With the exception of the Semi-Finals & Grand Final, all rounds are a Best of 1.

Ro64: WCS Cloud Kingdom (Round 1 :: Bo1 no 2nd game)
Ro32: WCS Ohana (Round 2 :: Bo1 no 2nd game)
Ro16: WCS Entombed Valley (Round 3 :: Bo1 no 2nd game)
Quarter Finals: WCS Anitga Shipyard (Round 4 :: Bo3)
Semi-Finals: GSL Metropolis (Best of 3 series)

Winners Final: GSL Whirlwind (Best of 3)

Grand Final: WCS Daybreak (2 x Best of 3 series)

Lower Bracket matches are all Best of 1

For the Quarters, Semis, Winners and the Grand Final, the loser of the first match can pick from any the following maps: 
WCS Cloud Kingdom, WCS Daybreak, WCS Ohana, WCS Anitga Shipyard, GSL Metropolis, GSL Whirlwind, GSL Abyssal


冠军: Value94
有价值对手: Rossi
下次再说: fenner


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